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New Google Earth Support

We have now added Google's 3D Earth support to all the maps on the website, include the Borovets map. Great for identifying where and how high on the mountain the apartment is located.

You can now select an apartment in the reservations section and use Google 3D Earth to fly around the area.

Below is an example of a map taken from the Semiramida Gardens apartments. As you can see, the apartments are located near the bottom of the Yestrebets slopes.





New Feature: Map View

We have now added a Map View of Borovets which lists our available apartments. It also lists local facilities, such as cash machines, car parking and restaurants.


Online community up and running.

Talk direct with the Apartment Owners, Management Agents and Travel Service Owners.

Get the facts direct from the owners!



Rally Bulgaria 2010 - Borovets

Available Apartments, Cheap Flights

We have apartments available at the centre of the Rally HQ in Borovets, at the Service Station for the Rally Cars, and also in the exclusive 5 star development of Semiramida Gardens starting from £25 / night.

See the list below for available apartments.

You can also try outMap of Borovets to locate an apartment or join our online community.

Please try our Flight Seach facility to locate the cheapest flights to Bulgaria.

semiramida_gardensBorovets, Christmas 2009 001

Headquarters for Rally Bulgaria will be held in Borovets in July 2010

Rally Bulgaria is an elite race with 40 years of history. Its first start was given in 1970 and till 2001 its headquarters were at the well known Black sea resorts Zlatni piassatzi and Albena. In 2002 the rally moved its base in the central part of Southern Bulgaria and is now held in the beautiful resort Borovetz in Rila Mountain.

This year the overall distance of Rally Bulgaria is 1068.30 km with 14 special stages (353.34 km) all on asphalt. The route is compact, well selected and passes through the picturesque Bulgarian landscape.

The headquarters of Rally Bulgaria 2010 are situated in the “Rila” hotel in Borovetz.The real charm of this mountain resort is best revealed during the winter but in the summer the conditions for a holiday are also perfect. This year from July 9th-11th Borovetz will host Rally Bulgaria and for the first time awaits and welcomes its guests as a part of the World Rally Championship.

The shakedown will take place on July 7th 2010. The official start ceremony will be held in the evening of July 8th. The rally will be going on for three days. There is one Service Park, situated at the Dolna Banya airport some 25 km to the east of the resort.

The complete Rally Guide can be downloaded from here.


Furnished Holiday Lets - SAVE TAX NOW


Maximise the tax benefits, if you have only just rented your apartment for the first time, make sure you claim the ‘Furnished Holiday Apartment’ tax breaks. All losses can be offset against any personal taxes.

The tax laws are changing, so timing is critical.

Check out for the best tax efficient information on managing your property, their guide is here:

If you do sell ….. sell soon to maximise the tax benefits and leverage any losses.

The important thing about the UK tax breaks are that your property must be advertised for 140 days / year (so use our website).

If you’d like us to advertise your property, please let me know and I can take more details and create the advert for you.


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